Croydon 2 Beckenham Town 0

Croydon did the treble over Beckenham when the Trams beat their near neighbours for the third time this season. Playing in difficult conditions, the high winds made passing difficult and many a time the ball was out of play for a throw in. There was an early chance for Beckenham before Croydon gained possession. A Fidan Fejzi cross went inside the box, but it was too high and was caught by keeper Max Overton anyway. A pass from Bradley Wilson went towards Andy Mott, and his shot was stopped by Overton, and a follow up attempt was also cleared. However, Matt O'Donoghue put the Trams ahead, making a run down the right channel and his shot went behind Overton. Beckenham responded very quickly, a cross to the forward went wide of the far post. Beckenham were close to scoring when they got a free kick that Fedji failed to clear but O'Donoghue did conceding a corner. When that was taken, the ball was kicked over the crossbar by Beckenham's Harry Ottaway.

Lauris Chin was unfortunate not to score early in the second half. With a wide open space to run and only a defender to chase him, Chin's shot ended wide of the post. Beckenham were putting pressure on Croydon with free kicks a plenty. One free kick saw Alex Hewitt tipping the ball over the bar after a shot from close range, followed by a Beckenham header that ended wide of the post. But Chin made amends on earlier when he had a run through the middle, and this time round the ball did go past Overton. Then came desperation tactics in the form of three substitutes for Beckenham, but to no avail. Croydon's own substitute, Daniel Hector, went round several opponents only for his shot to be blocked by Overton, and then another chance came a little later when his shot went over the crossbar. Raekwon Bailey-Allen had an attempt with his shot going past the far post, as did Bradley Wilson whose shot was blocked by Overton. Sadly for Wilson, he got a yellow card four minutes into stoppage time, just as it was looking that Croydon wouldn't get a booking today.

Croydon: Hewitt, Bradley Wilson, O'Donoghue, Campbell (C), Fotheringham, McGeoghegan, Fejzi (Hector 54), Akongo, Chin, Mott, Bailey-Allen

Subs (not used): Nicholas Wilson, Davidson-Phipps, Sims, Pepple

Croydon 0 Glebe 1

A single goal separated Croydon from their near neighbours from Glebe. The crowd of 53 was higher than usual, there to mark a minute's silence in memory of Dave West who ran the club shop and was the club photographer.

The game itself was not memorable. David Owusu had a chance go wide early in the game and Fiden Fejzi got in the box twice only for defenders to clear the ball. Glebe responded with a few chances followed by a cross from Andy Mott that went past the goalmouth and not in the far post as hoped. Then on 31 minutes, a Peter Sweeney free kick went past Alex Hewitt to put Glebe in the lead. Hewitt did make a save towards the end of the first half but thanks to Croydon's defence but bar a couple of catches had nothing to do in the second half.

Croydon had two chances to equalise, the first came after 53 minutes when a Fejzi shot curled past the far post. After 76 minutes, Ross Obazee's shot was held by Glebe's keeper Dean Nash. On the stroke of 90 minutes, Glebe's Brian Zepo almost doubled the lead when his shot hit the post.

Croydon are without a game this Saturday, but the following Saturday sees the Trams host Beckenham Town in another local derby.

Obazee on for Owusu 54 mins ,Davidson-Phipps on for Raymond-Callender 61 mins, Nicholas Wilson on for James Fotheringham 80 mins

Bookings Campbell 43 Fotheringham 79.

Chatham Town 1 Croydon 1

Ben Nourse wasn't supposed to be in goal for Chatham, indeed his name wasn't even in the programme. However, Ryan Nicholls was supposed to be in goal as usual, but was injured in the pre-match warm up and so the under 21 goalie made his debut instead for the home side.

After an early attempt from Chatham, Croydon responded with a number of chances. First a Jamie McGeoghegan cross to Andy Mott whose shot was saved by Nourse. A Croydon corner went to James Fotheringham but his header went wide of the post. Daniel Hector's shot went straight to Nourse. Soon the keeper pushed out away a shot from Bradley Wilson, as well as a header from Mott. The last shot of note in the first half saw a cross from Mott to Hector, only for Hector's shot to be held outside the near post.

The start of the second half saw Croydon keeper Alex Hewitt, forgotten until now, make a couple of saves, followed by a chance for Croydon at the other end. However, Chatham's Jamie Miller made a challenge on Raekwon Bailey-Allen, and after Miller's booking, Bailey-Allen easily scored the penalty after 63 minutes. From now on, Chatham tried to put pressure on Croydon. In doing so, Chatham showed their frustration gaining three more yellow cards in the process. Towards the end of normal time, there were a couple of chances, one from from Lauris Chin, and another that was palmed away by Nourse, and afterwards Chatham had a couple of chances go wide. However, just as it looked like Croydon would get away with three points, four minutes into stoppage time, Chatham got a free kick, and Nourse ran up front, and a with the free kick going towards his direction, Nourse headed the ball past Hewitt before the final whistle blew.

Croydon: Hewitt, Wilson, O'Donoghue, Campbell (C), Fotheringham, McGeoghegan, Hector (Fejzi), Akongo, Chin, Mott, Bailey-Allen (Williams 75)

Subs (not used): Nicholas Wilson, Owusu

Yellow card: Mott 49

Bearsted 2 Croydon 3

Hasting United's poaching of Sinn'Kaye Christie meant changes at the back for Croydon, with the return of Rio Davidson-Phipps and moving Bradley Wilson to right back. But it was the men up front that Bearsted had to look out for. Raekwon Bailey-Allen made the first of many attempts only for his chance to be cleared by an opponent. Bearsted responded after ten minutes when former Tram Ehis Izokun scored following a half clearance from Croydon. The Trams were determined to equalise, and dominated from now on. David Owusu had a couple of attempts, the second just going wide of the post, Andy Mott had a shot saved by keeper Scott Andrews, and Daniel Hector had a couple of shots as well. At the other end, a fingertip save from Alex Hewitt denied Bearsted from extending the lead.

Hector was unlucky not to score thrice towards the end of the first half, but Mott was lucky early in the second half when Andrews mishandled a clearance, and Mott scored into the far corner of the net. It was Bearsted's time to respond, but Hewitt and the defence prevented Bearsted from retaking the lead. Croydon got a free kick when Mott was taken down. Lauris Chin came on after 65 minutes, and with his first touch scored, following Mott's free kick, and a pass from Bailey-Allen to Chin. The lead was short lived, as Croydon conceded a penalty when captain Nathan Campbell stopped an opponent in mid run, gaining a yellow card in the process and an equaliser from Peter Williams. There was an action packed last ten minutes with chance after chance from Croydon, but three minutes into stoppage time saw Chin score a carbon copy of his first goal in his last touch of the game. The win puts Croydon above AFC Croydon Athletic in the League table, and Chin above AFC Croydon's Emanuel Oloyade in the table of the League's top scorers, with Chin joint 4th and Oloyade on 7th.

Team: Hewitt Wilson Davidson-Phipps Campbell (C) Adesina McGeoghegan Hector Akongo Owusu (Chin 65) Mott Bailey-Allen (Williams 72)

Subs (not used) Fejzi

Yellow card Campbell 76 mins

Whitstable Town 2 Croydon 0

With a few changes in personnel, Croydon were able to halve the goals conceded compared to the previous Tuesday's Cup exit. Eden Blake, Stefan Joseph and Harry Pilkinton were out, and Andy Mott was relegated to the subs bench, meaning the return of Daniel Hector, Bradley Wilson, David Owusu and Trey Williams. Despite an early save from Alex Hewitt, he was unable to reach a shot from outside the box from Ricky Freeman after only four minutes. Croydon responded with a couple of attempts from Owusu and Hector which were blocked by Whitstable's defenders. Following another save from Hewitt, there was concern when Jamie McGeoghegan's head was bleeding, as a precaution he was bandaged, but he changed his shirt and went back on the pitch anyway, carrying on until the middle of the second half. Croydon were able to get a couple of free kicks, and in both cases the ball reached an opponent rather than a team mate. Croydon almost conceded a second goal three minutes into stoppage time when a free kick was given after a Melvin Adesina foul, and the shot thankfully went across Hewitt's goalmouth.

Croydon improved in the second half, with more possession, more passing and some chances.Following a Whitstable booking, Fiden Fejzi had a free kick saved early in the second half, but it was Whitstable who extended their lead in the 54th minute. A Croydon player took down a Whitstable player in the box, and Danny Williams scored the subsequent penalty. Bradley Wilson then had a free kick, which went wide. Then Williams, outside the box, took a shot from outside the box that was saved by the keeper. Owusu also took a shot that was saved. Hector made sure he wasn't left out either and his shot was saved too. Mott, together with Raekwon Bailey Allen, the latter was useful as he troubled Whitstable with his fresh legs. He had a chance as did Hector towards the end but this was wide of the post.

Team: Hewitt, Christie, Adesida (Lukumbo 56), Akongo, McGeoghegan (Mott 70), Campbell (C), Hector, Wilson, Owusu, Fejzi (Bailey-Allen 63), Williams

Sub (not used): Brown

Yellow cards: Adesida 45+3, Christie 87

Stats (courtesy Whitstable Town)

Whitstable   Croydon
16 Attempts 5
8 On Target 3
5 Corners 3
1 Offside 6
11 Free Kicks Won 12